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Tiger – Mascot

Tiger, like his brother, joined our practice in the Fall of 2013. He is the BIG orange cat. He has great ambitions to be our ” greeter”. His favorite activity, next to eating, is sitting on the front desk for all to admire. In his spare time, he likes to play with his laser-pointer. In the warmer weather he sits by the window and bravely hunts squirrels and birds through the glass! He adores the children that come into the clinic.In the Fall of 2017 Dr. Askew purchased a “One Fast Cat ” exercise wheel. After the initial training he took off like an athlete. He  trotted on his wheel  frequently. Running well…… that is still another story. In  his determination of fitness he lost 1.5 pounds!! Tiger  wants me to remind everyone that 1.5 Pounds is ALOT  for a cat. His message is, a healthy cat  is less likely to develop diabetes, joint  issues and other health  problems . Keep up the trotting in his motto!. Which lately he is not following his own rule !